Monthly Archives: August 2010

Rockabilly baby

I’ve always been partial to the rockabilly style, and there’s been a nice revival of its most characteristic features over the past few years, what with checkered shirts, head scarves, tattooed arms and cinched 50’s waists gracing the streets of Cape Town and the rest of the world. I once fell in lust with a rockabilly guy at DVD Nouveau on Bree Street. He had sleeve tattoos and a semi ginger coif. Ooh la la.

I’m sure we’ll see the trend trickling into Spring (which starts TOMORROW, yeah!), so I have my eye on these Vivenne Westwood for Melissa shoes, which I’ve seen at the Cape Quarter. I want the black studded slingbacks… Very rockabilly missus.


Clean white love

Priscilla sent me a link to this video, Clean white love, by Lisa Mitchell last night. It’s so sweet & the video is perfect for the name. She says it reminds her of me… And that is also cool ❤ (thank you P)

Bonfires, gumboots & guitars – Rockin the Daisies, here we come!

Spring hath sprung

Saw these clog style heels in the Woolworths catalogue that was in the September issue of Elle, and pretty much loitered around Woolies until they were unveiled.

The nail polish is courtesy of Katy, my best friend & Australian style sister/correspondent. It’s by an Aussie brand called Kit ( &  the shade is called ‘Dive in’ – very fitting! 

It looks like it belongs on a psychedelic 70’s air hostess.

Rene Gruau

I just love these old fashion illustrations by Gruau, who worked with everyone from Dior to Balmain, Lanvin & Givenchy. Simple lines, starkness, androgyny meets flamboyance. Love!