JeggingGate – A Scandal

I feel it is important to broach the topic of JEGGINGS now, on the brink of Spring, because the transitional weather may encourage innocent people to wear lighter-weight pants, ie: jeggings. Our first port of call must be issue # 1:

Any word that is an amalgamation of two other words must be approached with caution.

Other important examples of the same phenomenon (formally called a ‘portmanteau’) include terms like ‘chillax’, ‘skorts’ and ‘edutainment’. Even more alarming, is that there not only jeggings, but also TREGGINGS (leggings that look like trousers).

Really? Yes, apparently it is so.

This brings me to issue # 2:

If Ed Hardy is making them, then it must be bad.

(And that’s all I have to say on that point. The images speak for themselves.)

And finally, issue # 3:

If you are not 15 or Kate Bosworth, then it is evidently not okay to wear skintight lycra that masquerades as denim, complete with faux stitching, elasticated waistband, pockets, BELTS, stone or acid wash ‘FX’ and a crotchal region that makes people walking towards you on the street feel uncomfortable.

There. I said it.


2 responses to “JeggingGate – A Scandal

  1. someone should speak to the Parlotones in this regard…. they’re definitely enjoying the fruits of their fortune too much to be wearing their shrink to fit look..

    • Haha – the whole making people uncomfortable with your crotchal region thing definitely applies to men as well(if not more than women!), Parlotones included! x

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