Style in Tom Ford’s A Single Man

I watched Tom Ford’s directorial debut, ‘A Single Man’, last weekend and was overwhelmed by its beauty. Costume designer Arianne Phillips (long-time stylist to Madonna and nominated for an Oscar for her work on Walk the Line) collaborated with Ford to produce the early 60’s adaptation of Christopher Isherwood’s novel of the same name. And the fashion is so cultish and nostalgic. It makes you wish you were also a California campus girl with black capri’s, bouffant hair and Bardotesque eyes. The attention to detail is phenomenal, from the decor, to the cars, neighbourhoods and knick knacks.

The highlight (besides the innumerably beautiful closeups, tints and blurs) is the scene where George (Colin Firth) and Charly (Julianne Moore) get down to Booker T & the MG’s ‘Green Onions’ in the living room… watch the whole thing! Her dress is just too much, and the sight of Mr Darcy frugging is, well… it just rocks.

* At about 1 minute 30 seconds of the way in, the boogie begins


One response to “Style in Tom Ford’s A Single Man

  1. Love this post.
    More of this please.

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