Girl Friday: Peace, Kelis

I have loved Kelis since I don’t know when.

Friends will testify that I kept ‘Trick Me’ on repeat long after it was no longer cool. I love her so much that in my first year at Rhodes I got my whole res to serenade College House (an all-boys’ res) with an early morning rendition of ‘Milkshake’. We were in pyjamas at the time. Needless to say, our milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard…

(That was hard to resist, forgive me…)

The thing about Kelis is that she has always been and will always be ahead of her time. She was wearing tie dye colour in her hair back in 2002, and its just become huge this summer in the Northern hemisphere, with rivulets trickling down onto Long and Kloof Street right about now. Her videos are a testament to both her experimentalism as an artist and a fashion devotee.

And the girl is hot. Really hot. Doe eyes, tons of edge and the ability to sing ‘In Public’ with Nas without batting an eyelash, she was made to have milkshakes poured all over her. (Okay, whoa!)

A kind friend just returned from the UK and brought me a cache of fashion magazines, including the September issue of In Style. Kelis is interviewed in their Style Candy section about her love of clothing and doing things differently.

I thought I might share the love:


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