A Nude Aesthetic

I recently met a French boy and was left thinking about what I want to call a New or Nude Aesthetic. Usually drawn to all things dark, I was completely bewitched by his pale eyelashes and the constellations of diaphanous freckles on his cheeks. It got me thinking about how everything seems to be fading – in fashion, I mean. So taken was I by his paleness, that I realised there had been a shift in the way I was seeing things.

In The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway snorts with derision when Miranda insinuates that two similar blue belts are completely different from eachother. Miranda goes on to KILL her with this monologue about the way high fashion trickles down through the collections and lands up as a watered down but significant version of its original incarnation.

I think this is what has happened to me. Thierry’s complexion reminded me of bareness, starkness, and in turn, the bleaching out and fading that has graced the catwalks of late.

The trend towards nude/cream palettes (a welcome neutral substitute for our uniform of greys and blacks?) and pastels has ensnared me subconsciously. I am NOT a baby blue kind of a girl, but the last three dresses I have bought (pictures to follow) have been a variation on a theme. A baby bluish theme. This in itself is scary.

When I was asked at the end of May what Topshop treasures I would like brought back from the UK, I promptly got online and chose two items. Both items – a peach skin shift dress and an ice skater style skirt – are nudeish/pastel in colour. Bearing in mind that I knew they would only be delivered to me in SEPTEMBER (a full 3 months later), I find it completely bizarre that I picked TWO items that coincide seamlessly with two key Spring trends. Especially when I have always been loathe to wear pastels or anything vaguely beige.

But I suppose that is the point. We are subconsciously fed delightful little bites of influence that we then shape into looks which, in one way or another, utilise and revise trends.

I just answered my own question. I hereby surrender. The New Aesthetic!


One response to “A Nude Aesthetic

  1. At last i have read them all and am an avid fan of Pessimiss xxx

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