The Cleopatra Eyes

I go through quite a lot of liquid liner in my quest for the perfect Cleopatra eyes & have got it down to quite an art. This week I went shopping for a new face wash and was seduced by a Rimmel liquid liner called ‘Glam Eyes’. In retrospect, I should’ve stopped right there. Having experimented with various brands over the years, I am quite committed to my trademark Woolworths Classic black liquid liner.

You would think that Rimmel would make a better liner than Woolies, but it is not so. Especially since I opened the Rimmel liner when I got home and was dismayed to find that it is one of those flimsy wand-type arrangements, rather than the geniune Woolies Cleopatra nib that I favour. You see:

And thus the entire point of this post:

Don’t buy black liquid liner unless is has the thicker nib! And Woolworths liquid liner really does the trick:



2 responses to “The Cleopatra Eyes

  1. OOh i also love my thick cleopatrs liner! I must say I struggle to get the effect with liquid liner, I use the revlon colour stay pencil, but will have to try the woolies liquid liner after this post! Thanks for sharing 😉

    • Practice makes perfect! I am now looking for a good black grease pencil/kohl… thinking maybe MAC? Thanks for reading my blog. x

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