boohoo blooms ~

My lovely friend Candy just emailed me about a new online store called boohoo, and I shimmied straight on over to their site to have a look…
{Candy says that she and our other UK-based friendlings have been turning to boohoo for trendy, easy on the pocket frocks and other fixes.}

I was most impressed with boohoo’s easy-to-use site and most of all, their prices. In South Africa we don’t have many options when it comes to low cost fashion (like the H&Ms, American Apparels & Sportsgirls of this world), so its nice to see what’s out there. With rumours of Zara landing here next year, one can fantasize. Mr Price always does a great job of delivering catwalk cool at a low cost, of course, but it’d be nice to have more choice. (Follow Mr P’s great his ‘n hers fashion blog on

boohoo delivers to the US, the UK and Europe, which is nice to know. A less piggy-bank-breaking version of ASOS?

Love the irony of their name! Go check it out:


2 responses to “boohoo blooms ~

  1. I must stay away from florals!

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