Nouvelle Vague

These are some new Springtime additions.

Number 1:

A chambray dress from Michiko, which has a ruched waist and sweet little detailing on the sleeve – it reminds me of a kind of blue collar day dress and I feel like a cowgirl in it. Michiko is a really strange shop and I usually don’t even venture inside, especially because I think it is overpriced (as was this dress…) but I saw it in the window, tried it on and prayed my credit card would go through. It did.

(The boots are from Country Road and have seen many a dance floor; the scarf is vintage, bought in Grahamstown, and it is covered in Parisian tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees)

Number 2:

A Topshop delivery that arrived just in time for Spring – a cream peach skin frock with bow detail at each shoulder. It’s a size too big but very luxe. I hemmed it quite short so that I can wear it out at night too.

Number 3:

My personal favourite, another Topshop delivery… it’s the palest grey silk with a grosgrain ribbon at the waist and an extra flouncy hemline.

In the online catalogue it was called the ‘Paris Flippy Skirt’… And with that, I was sold.


2 responses to “Nouvelle Vague

  1. Yours is a different colour to mine?!
    LOVE the Michiko dress!!!

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