To romp or not to romp

It’s tempting.

But whenever I see someone in a romper, I question their style. Even if it’s one of the few rompers in the world that is genuinely nice (see rompers pictured) I still think, ‘Are you given to other ill-considered choices, like Uggs in Summer, or jeggings?’

The fact that other words for rompers include ‘playsuit’ and ‘onesie’ (preferred by the Americans and my personal favourite) contributes to the dilemma.

Of course the whole point is that they are fun, not to be taken seriously, literally, a romp. But perhaps that is why they are best left to waifs, like Alexa Chung. In all honesty, though, romper to me says:

Miley Cyrus at Spring Break.

I think you have to be leggy. And I think you have to be very cautious about the detailing. Because otherwise you might end up looking like Beau Brummel’s wife in between nudist sabbaticals in Orania in the late 70’s. Just sayin.

* Beau Brummel is South Africa’s premier nudist and pioneer of controversial nudist retreats upcountry during the 70’s and 80’s. When rompers were at the zenith of their popularity.


2 responses to “To romp or not to romp

  1. With you on this one! Rompers remind me of when i was 3 years old… Even-though they look cute on some girls, to me it would feel like wearing pig tails and sleeping under a Barbie duvet cover…

    PS Love the shoes in the first pic!

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