Girl/Boy Song

I am addicted to any kind of men’s tuxedo reference in women’s clothing.

I have a collection of tuxedo-esque pieces; from ruffle front blouses, to bow ties, hats and jackets that hint at tops and tails. It’s a fetish. You will have seen the girl tux trend for some time now, but it really is a classic shape, favoured by the likes of Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Bosworth (all style icons in their own right).

My brother bought a top hat last week, and wearing it around the flat all weekend has inspired me to have a tuxedo day today.

For me, the best thing about tuxes on girls is that they call up a whole narrative of decorum, ceremony and romance, all turned on its head. It’s incredibly potent.

My take on the tux:

1. This pared down tux shirt is actually sleeveless. I bought it on sale at Country Road earlier this year after giving it longing looks for a few months.

2. The grey linen trousers, believe it or not, are my father’s actual tux trousers from his and my moms’ wedding! They fit me in the waist and I love that they are slightly cropped on the ankle because of the fit. He thinks it is hilarious that my brother and I share them, and we think it is hilarious that he once fitted into them.

3. The bow tie is an actual bow tie – its velvet and vintage and has served me well. I often wear it as a headband and people tend to ask me if I am wearing a giant bow tie on my head. Yes, I am.

4. This jacket is absolutely gorgeous. It was handmade my friend Olivia’s mom, who is an extremely talented seamstress, and who sews individual pieces like this from scratch, without a pattern. It has tight sleeves, covered buttons at the cuffs and at the back it dips into two tails, which can be tied forwards around the waist. I am wearing them loose.

I live my days in the hope that it will be passed on to me.

5. My shoes are Nine West, a few years old and quite seldom worn, but they work with the tux because they are a sort-of take on the classic men’s wingtip shoe. I love the combination of the perforated fabric and the high gloss patent finish.

* Trenery and Country Road both do great versions of the female tux, including shirts, trousers and jackets. Alternatively, you can never go wrong with an original second hand men’s tux shirt, as long as it suits your shape.


2 responses to “Girl/Boy Song

  1. u looks pretty! :p

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