Girl Friday – Helena the Mighty

This week’s Girl Friday is Helena Christensen, one of the original supermodels of the 90’s, ex editor of Nylon magazine, breast cancer campaigner, photographer and Edam lover.

She’s also an effortless beauty with a distinctive personal style. Of Peruvian and Danish descent, Helena was a Victoria’s Secret Angel in the early 90’s alongside Karen Mulder, Rebecca Romijn and Tyra Banks.

What I like about Helena’s style is that it is difficult to pin down. It’s quite flighty. She never seems to follow trends, and her outfits often seem like they may have had a previous life, a previous owner. Like they are part of a bigger story; remembered, loved, put back together again in a new arrangement.

5 Reasons to Love Helena:

1. She loves cheese (being a cheese addict myself, I find this point most pressing) and says that, when things get a bit much, she ‘turns to the easy things in life, the things that mean the most: sex and cheese.’  ‘These things are connected.’ Agreed.

2. She has a child with Norman Reedus, named Mingus Lucien. This may seem trivial, but Norman Reedus is one of my most favourite actors. He was the other brother in The Boondock Saints.

3. She drives a Morris Minor and always has. My mom drove a series of Morris Minors when I was little, so I also have a particular fondness for their voluptuous curves.

4. She’s dating Paul Banks, lead singer of Interpol, my favourite band in all the world.

{ Interpol has just released their eponymous 4th album. Go check it out. }

5. She was the sand smothered nymph in Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game.


2 responses to “Girl Friday – Helena the Mighty

  1. I love, love, love Helena – she is the true super from the 90’s and still radiates effortless style. No stylist required.

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