Girl Friday: Karen O, Oh Oh

Today’s Girl Friday is an unusual case.

So cool she doesn’t need a last name, Karen O is the fierce and remarkable lead singer of one of my favourite rock bands, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Besides having sloe-black eyes, skin the colour of full cream milk and legs for days, Karen O is also a fashion eccentric second to none.

She’s the goddess of her own shrine, and the sacrifice is being made to all things tribal, mystical and arcane.

On stage she’s nothing short of a wonder, with each outfit a fable all on its own. When she’s not seamed in bondage-style leather or as garlanded as Cochise’s bride, her style is vintage glam meets the underworld, an allegory for The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ uneasy sound.

 This is the video to my second favourite Yeah Yeah Yeah’s song, Maps. My real favourite is Y-Control, but it has no video. Maps gives you a good feel for Karen O’s cultish charm, though.


2 responses to “Girl Friday: Karen O, Oh Oh

  1. once again…the most fabulous, entertaining read… your writing is poetic!! oh!guess what… a parcel of wonderful, summery items has just been posted to me by my supplier, but these items are being sent directly from where she has sourced them ….PARIS!! should be here in 2 weeks time…..marginally more pricey than my usual stock, but still such a bargoon! tell your mama…limited stock…big kiss xx

    • Thank you oh so much ❤ Summery items sound lovely, will get Kim on it! Paris, Paris, Paris! She will have to do our usual trick and mms me pictures of your wares. Very exciting! Lots of love xo

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