While I was at home I took some snaps of Kim’s shoe closet, because she has a really lovely and varied collection. Each pair of shoes was bought as a result of complete and utter infatuation, which she has been surrendering to (to my father’s amusement) for years.

She loves colourful, cheeky (often impractical) shoes and I think they are the perfect analogy for her irreverent sense of humour and individualistic style. The brightness of her shoe collection next to my safe array of greys, navys and blacks left me lusting after a pair of ruby reds to carry me into Summer. I promptly pranced to the Waterfront, and while tempted by a well-priced pair of scarlet sandals at Zoom, found myself instead drawn to a Lulu Belle necklace made of crayon-coloured links, perfect for this season’s palette (debut today – will tweet a pic later!)

The shoes:

I’ve always loved these blue & white woven slingbacks – bought by Kim on holiday in Buenos Aires years ago. They have an old world feel to them.

Newly acquired leather brogues from Zoom, these are a current favourite.

Furry leopard pumps bought at Caramel in Knysna, extremely cosy.

Terra Plana heels bought at French Kisses, Thesen Island in Knysna. 100% ethical, eco-friendly pod covers. We like.

These Errol Arendz babies remind me of Liquorice Allsorts. Love the colours! Another Kim favourite.

These patent leather cherry T-bar pumps are from Accessorize and are so cute that they come in kids sizes.

Nude uber-heels from Dot Perkins. Yet to be worn due to extreme height, but often tried on.

Adorable fabric mary-janes from Pure Solid 13, one of our favourite local stores. Together my mom and I have quite a collection of their wares, including offbeat tux shirts, pumps, trinkets and dresses. Check out their new shop on Kloof Street near Melissa’s!


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