Girl Friday: Sofia Coppola (this one’s for you, Katy Mills)

The remarkably chic Sofia Coppola. Shhhh. What else to say?

Despite having directed The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette (three movies so visually distinctive you could feel it in the air when you were watching them), she also interned for Chanel at age 15, was married to director-savant Spike Jonze, acted in a movie called Frankenweenie (yeah!), directed the candyfloss-cool Miss Dior Cherie commercial and is at present married to Phoenix frontman, Thomas Mars.

The girl aint lacking on cool factor.

The Virgin Suicides was the first Sofia film I ever watched, and it struck me in the heart.Lux Lisbon love. Trip Fontaine faint…

Already a huge Jeffrey Eugenides fan, (if you haven’t read The Virgin Suicides or Middlesex, do yourself a favour…) the film just materialised the faded, enigmatic charm of the Lisbon girls and their peculiar situation for me. The scene where Lux and Trip sit beside eachother in the halflight, fingers kinda-touching, Lux’s lovelorn-teen knickers and those witch-like boots dangling from the ceiling… It’s so vivid. I must have watched this film 50 times. It’s the only film I have kept on my laptop since university.

But that’s Sofia for you.

What else was Francis Ford Coppola’s daughter gonna do? Curate cult films, that’s what.

Sofia’s style is classic Parisian – black, well-cut staples with a sartorial twist. I love how the sexiness of each outfit is restrained to just one stand-out element, like the curlicues on the toes of these soot-black heels, and the utter slinkiness of the ankle straps. Sometimes it’s literally just the unusual, exaggerated fullness of her lower lip that does it.

I like being able to do a Girl Friday that ties in with a video, because Fridays are all about the music! And Thomas Mars… well, I love Phoenix half to death, and if you don’t already, then you need to go spend some time listening to them. All of it. This is Lisztomania.


3 responses to “Girl Friday: Sofia Coppola (this one’s for you, Katy Mills)

  1. Love her !!! ❤
    Her style is effortless. she never gets it wrong.
    I would love to see her house….especially her boudoir !

  2. I love Sofia too, however, she isn’t married to Thomas Mars.
    Sorry, I’m a Sofia nerd. >.<

    • Ha ha – thanks! Just brushed up on my Sofia facts & I see that he is referred to as her ‘partner’… thanks for the heads up. x

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