22h00, Saturday night, Darling, Springbok Nude Girls!

One more sleep til Rocking the Daisies.

It’s all I’ve had on my mind, all week. Partially because the Springbok Nude Girls are playing on Saturday night. And that’s my cue to get crazy. I have met few others that still harbour such passion for the Nude Girls, but I am sure that this special and motley crew will make its presence felt, come 22h00 on Saturday night in Darling. Yeah!

And here I must pay tribute to two things that make a Nude Girls gig.

The two things that inject that heady, keening, mental energy that inspires cold sweat on hot bodies…

1. Arno Carstens’ leather trousers!

An indispensible part of the set, for me, and an institution in their own right. Arno has been wearing those leather pants since the first time I watched the Nude Girls live at Als in Knysna, aged 13, with big eyes and an appreciation that felt as vast as terror. I suppose I knew what was coming next. I can’t be sure if Arno is still doing his trademark pelvic grind in that very same pair, but he’s still got it goin on, that much is true. I watched the Nude Girls live early last year at Assembly and Arno was still as rocking as ever…

I happen to follow Arno on Twitter (if you’re a fan, do it, because he posts all manner of bizarre, topical and funny things) and he once posted the following picture of himself, which made me laugh out loud. Observe the caption:

These appear to be a pair of skinny jeans, and not the aforementioned iconic leathers, but I still appreciate the sentiment, as well as Arno’s sense of humour.

The second indispensible Nude Girls gig attribute is…

2. The sight of Theo Crous’ mane of blonde hair slicing through the air like a sjambok on a hot, harsh Highveld afternoon, just before a thunderstorm. Yes. It is that intense.


Hopefully this has inspired those going to RTD to make sure they are in the middle, at the front, main stage, 22h00 on Saturday night in Darling.

I will be.


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