I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now, but with Rocking the Daisies this weekend I feel it fitting that I do a post about leather… rock ‘n roll, ‘n all that, jy weet.

At the beginning of Spring I became fixated with the idea of leatherware for the transitional weathersuede short shorts, leather shift dresses, skintight leather skirts. Luckily I have a vintage Diane Von Furstenberg skirt that is leather-like in texture, which has tided me over in the absence of the real deal (plus its intergalactically metallic, which makes me slightly less sad about not already legging it around town in leather).

I digress.

So I was trawling the Internet for my ideal leather dress, and I stumbled upon these unbelievable Helmut Lang leather pieces. What makes them so ongelooflik is that they combine other, more flexible fabrics like wool and cotton with panels of leather. I love this dichotomy – the toughness of leather meets the luxeness of wool or the clinginess of lycra.

Soon after I found these pictures, my friend Sophie left a leather jacket draped over the back of my dining room chair. A swift inspection revealed that it, too, featured the softest of corduroy panelling in stripes beneath each arm. To make matters worse it is literally the perfect cut and fit. I know this, because I was forced to try it on and gaze at it lovingly from all angles in the mirror. The pain was immense. Luckily it is warming up nicely now, so I won’t need to worry about it until at least May next year again.

I also love this frock from Valentino’s Spring 2010 collection, which combines intricate embroidery with leather work. So beautiful.

In both cases, the combination of fabrics makes the leather seem a lot more wearable.

Helmut Lang dresses, you are on my wishlist.


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