The Church of Crystal Birch

Please do yourselves a favour and go look at my new friend Crystal Birch’s first collection for 36 Boutiques.

Crystal is a seriously talented milliner, has really distinctive personal style and loves all things weird, wondrous, mismatched & slightly off-centre (which is why we clicked from the start!)

I wholeheartedly believe that securing yourself one of her handmade fascinators or hats is an investment, because this girl is goin places.

I have my eye on Plop or Flight! So deliciously verdant.


5 responses to “The Church of Crystal Birch

  1. Oh I could definately have one of those for Christmas thank you 😉

    • Heheh. Crafty. Good idea, though, will have to find out how well they travel! Or I’ll just meet you in Mexico with it on my head 😉

  2. would love a “Crystal Birch” treasure xx

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