Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me

Socks with heels. A big trend for this Spring, but I am yet to see many Capetonian girls out and about, daring to let their socks get sexy. In fact, the only person I’ve seen wearing the look so far, is Jackie Burger, Editor of Elle.

She, of course, made it look easy, but my research suggests otherwise. From advice on the type of socks to wear, to lengths, fabrics and shoes, online opinions on the topic are varied.

And so, today, I am taking on the challenge myself! I’m a little unprepared, and would have liked to have purchased the glittery Lurex Dorothy-and-the-Wizard-of-Oz style anklets I saw at Woolies a couple of weeks ago, but it just so happens that I have an existing penchant for “jazzy” stocking socks.

Will report back with observations on what people thought and said, whether or not I felt like a German tourist, and the obligatory round of quizzical looks I usually get when making my twice-daily Beluga-courtyard-crossing.

These pictures are my inspiration:


5 responses to “Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me

  1. expecting a pic of you??

  2. I love socks!!!!I have about 5 pairs I have only worn it once out- but they are everywhere here partly thanks to the classic Japanese dolls that I love spotting in china town.

  3. Looking very forward to seeing and hearing the results of your soiree into sock-dom. X

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