10 trends to try this Summer

My sock/heel dabble has ignited a hunger for more trends to try, more experiments, more troublesome mornings spent tearing through piles of clothes and leaving the house in utter uncertainty. It makes things interesting. We often settle on a cycle of easy outfits that reoccur periodically, and then lapse into periods of thoughtless, uninspired dressing because we need to get to work or college for the day. Okay, so there are days when I slip into my easy (aka hangover) outfit, but I always make sure to include some small little gem that speaks volumes about my personality. I say every day should be taken as an opportunity to don something inspiring, even if its a vintage brooch that has a story, or a scarf that always catches peoples’ eye. When daily dressing becomes a mere matter of comfort, then it’s time to change it up a little.

I have thus rounded up a selection of 10 cool trends that I intend to experiment with for Summer. And so should you!

1. Yellow fever

Yellow is Summer’s hottest colour. More specifically, bright yellow; primary, acid, canary yellow, on nails, accessories, dresses and footwear. My mom always told me that yellow was not my colour, because I am too ‘sallow’ for it. Sorry Marmalade. Hier kom die geel!

2. Matchpoint

Luxe sportswear returns as a major trend this season. Look out for gamey stripes, sporty headbands and sports apparel-inspired detailing. I wouldn’t mind a baseball-inspired cropped jacket in a luxe fabric to sling over party dresses.

3. Clogdance

Who saw it coming? The return of the uber-functional, extra-clunky shoe popularised by Heidi and other iconic Europeans in Lederhosen. I’ve already worn my Woolworths clog-inspired high heel sandals on numerous occasions and I can’t stop looking at them lovingly. Full clogs, next on the list.

4. Baby makes her blue jeans talk

Bad song reference, but denim moves from wardrobe basic to centrestage this season. From chambray shirts and dresses, to Alexa Chung denim short shorts and more treated varieties of denim, find what works for you and stick with it. Denim short shorts can be touch-and-go and I saw some real shockers at Rocking the Daisies, but a hard-and-fast rule is that if we can see your butt cheeks then they’re too short / too ripped. My chambray denim dress has already served me well this Spring (bought at Michiko, but also spotted at Mango recently) and I am now eyeing a white denim dress I spotted in the latest Elle.

5. Maxi vs Mini

It’s a summer of proportions and choices, with the maxi and mini dress vying for equal attention. I bought this most luxe, full navy maxi last summer from Poetry and have already started wearing it again. Minis are always on my list, but I am on the hunt for some Summer party dresses. After re-watching the Burberry Prorsum S/S 2011 show on FTV earlier this evening, I am lusting after something equally as bright, structured and blossom-like. How?! Send suggestions.

6. Just Press Print

Prints and patterning are still prominent, with stripes, tribal, digital and animal prints still in pride of place. No wardrobe is complete without a permanent cache of stripes and leopard print, in my book. Today I am kicking off my trend adventure with stripes, the easiest of them all – considering my impressive stripe collection – in a vintage button up dress with sailor style cuffs and collar. I’ve never worn it before because its almost entirely transparent, but I rummaged through my cupboard and surfaced with a navy dress that is serving as a slip. The stripe incorporates a zip of yellow, too. Will tweet a picture a bit later!

7. Espadrilles

I must say that I am not a fan of the classic espadrille, having witnessed legions of Rhodes jocks butcher them alongside a pair of T-savs (aka Judrons) and a Polo shirt. I will thus not be wearing the classic espadrille, but Country Road does a great, user-friendly variation on the theme, with their cute espadrille-inspired pumps and wedges. Love these Louboutin espadrilles, and you should see his take on the espadrille bootie!

8. Milk it

Matte, pastel nails are still big for Summer. Get your paws on some covetable Chanel Jade, or settle for one of Essies darling buds of May.

9. Coral

Another hot colour for Summer, this season’s coral comes in a delightful array of shades, from sorbet to scene-stealing brights.

10. The full-skirted 50’s

This season sees a profusion of 50’s style full skirts, hurrah!

* Trends inspired by Elle, FTV, various fashion blogs and Cape Town street style.


One response to “10 trends to try this Summer

  1. Love it. Keep it up china doll!

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