Girl Friday: Eva Fontanelli

In honour of Halloween weekend and all that is dress up, excess and fun, my Girl Friday for the 29th of October is Eva Fontanelli, Editor of Elle Italia, fashion muse and contessa of irreverence and quirk.

My research turned up absolutely no biographical information on Eva, which is quite fitting, seeing as Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) didn’t even know who he was shooting when he fell in love with her style on the streets of Milan. The darling of playful, tongue-in-cheek detailing, Eva is easily recognised by her penchant for oversized bows, offbeat additions and gamine-chic style.

With a serious thing for oversized accessories myself, Eva is one of my favourite style muses. She’s a huge fan of both Moschino Cheap & Chic, as well as Italian brand, Vivetta, both of which make me quite emotional. I’ve been dying to blog about Vivetta, but it seemed fitting to wait for the right time so that Eva could play her pretty part.

Founded by designer Vivi Ponti in 2008, Vivetta is one of those labels that does that thing I so often try to explain but struggle to encapsulate: it references moments, stories and eras in a way that is at once ironic, playful and deadly serious. It is that thing that happens when the line of garment tells an entire narrative.

When I first saw this velvet, dropped waist skeleton dress I had tears in my eyes. And that’s not an exaggeration. It, along with the rest of the range, is literally perfect for me. Friends will testify to my taste for skulls and skeletons. I just find them beautiful. And her use of velvet, bows, monotone contrasts, and girlish cuts with exaggerated detailing… it all speaks to my heart.

I have calculated that I could actually afford one of her velvet dresses, having spent a similar amount in rands at Country Road and Mango a couple of times. My father would say: ‘Marry rich, my girl.’ Usually I would retort something about sisters are doin’ it for themselves, girls in power suits etc, but, for the sake of conversation…

Potential suitors email
Must understand penchant for skulls and vampires and love loud music / live music. And cheese.


3 responses to “Girl Friday: Eva Fontanelli

  1. Must. Have. Cat. Skirt!!!!! Je suis tes, tres jeloux!
    Ma petite, your blog, est-inspiration!!!

  2. Great post, Eva is a true style queen I love her!

    great blog πŸ™‚ xx

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