The Halloween that was

Still processing the sheer get-down brilliance that was Halloween, but this picture gives you an idea of the fierceness. After a lovely drunken dinner party on Friday night I was already a little worse for the wear, but pulled it together on Saturday night, with the help of this miraculous tasseled dress (which was definitely made for me) and my subversive accessory, which was, in fact, an ancient gas mask. A 40’s era vampire (and so the tradition was formed).

From a house party, to Julep, to Assembly, the tassels flew. They made my night ten times more fun and I’m currently conjuring up ways to make them mine. I had so much fun, and got so caught up in the blur of tassels, teeth and bands in bandages that I honestly didn’t even get a chance to check out anyone else’s outfits. Thank you to my curly-haired companion – you know who you are – for assisting in the tassel titillation and groovin’ with me.


2 responses to “The Halloween that was

  1. curly-haired companion

    Good times indeed!

    You forgot to mention being called “the pessimiss girl” by a couple of fans at the Assembly!

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