I just stumbled upon French fashion house, Carven, and am completely sold on their Spring / Summer 2011 look; an offbeat take on Parisian chic, complete with detachable silk bibs and collars, backless party frocks and bows-a-go-go. Yes!

Established by French couturier Madame Carmen de Tommaso in 1945, Carven was recently joined by former Givenchy designer, Guillaume Henry, hailed by some as “a young Saint Laurent” Henry is at Carven to usher in a new era of ready to wear, and has the following to say about his direction for the label:

“Some designers create and imagine a woman, a customer, and that’s great – but it’s not for me. I design for the owner’s wife, my mother, my friends; someone going to work, with children, going out at night – women I know. These pieces can be worn all day, from early morning to late evening. I have tried to create pieces with real honesty, pieces that focus on a woman’s needs”;


“I respect the brand so much. It has been a sleeping beauty for so long that I’d like to take it slowly.”

The man wears velvet trousers. That’s all I really need to say. The clothes speak for themselves.


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