The Fetish Season

So, I’ve been in mourning over a certain pair of midnight blue velveteen shorts from Kate Moss’ last collection for Topshop, which sold out in my size in the space of about three hours. They were destined to be my Christmas present, and I had my heart set on them. I’ve spent the last two days trawling through the Topshop website, looking for something to take the edge off… Finding nothing appropriate, I headed over to ASOS, where I honestly could have spent three months worth of my salary in five minutes flat… And that’s when I found this leather mini; this sculptured, bondage-inspired Siouxsie Sioux lover.

She is my first ASOS purchase. She will be couriered to an undisclosed address in London, where she will be collected by a roving correspondent and eventually delivered in all her spankalicious glory into my damp, expectant palms.

Just in time for Summer Summer Summertime (bad Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince reference). Yessss. One needs a leather mini at some point in one’s life.

One month countdown begins now.


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