Borrowed Dresses, Bagel Dogs, Bier

After a sorry start on Friday, the weekend really began with Saturday’s beauteous weather. Olivia and I donned our frocks and headed to the Biscuit Mill to secure Alibaba schwarmas, which have become a firm favourite over the last few months. I like the falafel best, and will put my mini phobia of milling crowds (not ideal when at the Biscuit MILL) on temporary hold just to get my paws on one. Olivia had lent me a most glamorous, flowing, floor length wrap dress that her mom made years ago – navy with a fine white print of little ships interspersed with patterning. We are currently in negotiations to do a little swap for swap, but it’s no easy feat when we both think that everything looks better on us. Vicious cycle. Moscow mules at the Biscuit Mill and some pleasant people watching blurred into an afternoon at the DSK Bierfest.

Last year’s Bierfest, although beset by awful weather, was a total party. I assured Olivia of this as we trudged uphill towards the school, and my confidence was briefly dampened when a Children of the Corn lookalike assured us with bright eyes that we were, indeed, on the right track. Adolescence is such an awkward time, and it always seems that kids of this age are forced to do things like marshall, hand out flyers and take collections. This was not our last sighting, for, as we made our way towards the tent, a roving vendor (aka a child forced to sell German confectionary on the trot) called, in a disturbing, German-accented wheedle: ‘Bagelll doggssss’. That did it for us. We laughed for the rest of the weekend, and my sms alert is now Olivia’s rendition of this poor kid’s sales pitch.

Cape Town’s hip set were out in full force, sipping on jugs of beer, enjoying the authentic German oompah band and fraternising in and around the tent. The female lead singer of the band was dressed in a full Heidi-esque getup, but with Converse high tops and a leopard print scarf. Cool! The keyboardist, in full length suede lederhosen, provided comic relief to the tune of Julius Malema jokes and sexual innuendo during the announcement of the DSK raffle winners. All in all a really fun / funny afternoon with old friends, and the beers did the trick. Olivia and I rounded up Saturday with a pizza at Da Vinci’s, some inspired, drunken tabletop drawings, and a Talking Heads marathon in the car.



2 responses to “Borrowed Dresses, Bagel Dogs, Bier

  1. how fabulous to read, especially considering ze leetle ghermaans are going to be my educational proteges next year. Am yet to attend a bierfest but will most certainly be there in force next time, sans suede lederhosen.

    • Hehe, it was really fun! I once wore a lederhosen, and it comes highly recommended. It fitted me like a glove and I wanted to skip all day long. Can’t wait to have you in the city!

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