A is for ANT!PODiUM


I first discovered Antipodium in 2008 and have been following the progress of this cult Australian-born label ever since. Started by 27-year-old Queensland native, Geoffrey J. Finch, along with Londoners, Ashe and Fenella Peacock, Antipodium has evolved since its inception in 2004 into a distinctive label that has secured the love of style-obsessive individuals all over the world.

Antipodium is home to a style-centric collective of creatives – editors, stylists, artists, DJs and photographers – that hang out at the east London design studio, providing Finch with bountiful design inspiration, as well as the opportunity to contribute to an array of creative projects, including parties, exhibitions and catwalk shows.

Stocked by Liberty, Harvey Nichols and an array of Australian stores, Antipodium’s contemporary aesthetic is a mash up of pop culture references and maverick charm. Described as “on-season partywear” and “basics with a twist”, Antipodium is popular with offbeat personalities like La Roux, Beth Ditto, Ladyhawke and Alexa Chung. Alexa featured as the face of Antipodium’s 2008 Spring Summer collection.

The best thing about Antipodium (besides the fact that their clothes are just so wearable) is their eccentric, tongue-in-cheek christening of each piece. A double-breasted, tuxedo-inspired dress is the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ jacket; a pair of high-waisted tweedy trousers are dubbed ‘Nun of That’; a velvet and tulle tiered frock is the ‘Tiers on my Pillow’ dress. Sartorial wit! I love it! What else could you expect from a label whose name is so ingeniously sly? And if you’re a Joy Division fan then you can look no further than to Antipodium for party pieces with an injection of dark, compulsive style, reminiscent of New Wave cool.

Antipodium’s current collection, Brides of Christ, is a mix of party-ready bodycon dresses, cropped T’s and skirts that work together seamlessly to exude a typically Antipodium aura. Sneak peeks at their forthcoming collection, Some Kind of Bliss, promise gauzy, diaphanous pastels with a deliciously uneasy edge.


2 responses to “A is for ANT!PODiUM

  1. Hey

    Antipodium has launched a cruise collection for spring, so cool….what’s your email address? I will send you some images…

    Nadine x

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