A Poem for Olivia on her Birthday

My dearest, darling Olivia,

Maniac, BFF, lover of trivia.

On this, your birthday, the big Two and the Six,

I reminisce on all your most peculiar ticks.

For the sake of those reading (and also for you)

I’ll leave out The Guido’s saga (and another tale or two)…

You’re flighty as hell from day to day,

But mostly you’re sunshine (bubbly, some might say).

You’re my 30 Seconds teammate (competitive as they come)

Who else would guess Rocketman when it’s Elton I hum?

No one makes me cackle til I say Stop! That’s enough!

Nor argues my arguments and then storms off in a huff.

Trailing expletives, fury and your 30 kg tote,

During one of our tiffs, you’d still get my vote.

Happy happiest birthday Miss Olivia Madeline,

You’re daft as can be, but at least you are mine.


And some of our favourite classics through the years to kick off your day:



3 responses to “A Poem for Olivia on her Birthday

  1. Hands down the best gift ever – featured on THE PESSIMISS! Feeling fabulous now! Thanks so much, it’s a beautiful, true and hilarious poem! Love love LOVE you xxx

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