In the Blingdom of Animals

I’ve always loved over the top handbags – overly glitzy evening bags  dangling like jools from my wrist during the day, miniature tin bags with suitcase clasps, velveteen slouches embellished with brooches… When these delightful kitsch-couture little sparklers caught my eye today I decided I simply can’t live my life without owning at least one! Don’t let the fact that the collection features dashing daschunds and prettyish pugs fool you into thinking that they are anything less than couture.

Designed by Hungarian-born handbag couterier Judith Leiber, these minaudieres are among the most coveted evening bags in the world, an apparent status symbol for First Ladies and party essentials for Hollywood glamazons like Ashley Olsen and Sarah Jessica Parker. With only a handful of Leiber boutiques in the US, a novelty minaudiere like this here piglet, or that there apple blossom retails for around $ 5000 a piece. That gorgeous little sparkling cupcake in Sex in the City was a Leiber, and she has even made Tweety Birds and Pink Panthers before. Love at first sight!

The girl daschund is called Juliet and the boy is called Romeo.


One response to “In the Blingdom of Animals

  1. A tear came to my eye. Utter joy at the beauty, desperate sadness at the prospect of never owning one! Kate, we must, I INSIST!

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