Guy Friday (ahem)

So usually I do Girl Friday on Fridays… but today I feel like shakin’ it up a little. Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that the weather in Cape Town is shimmying up and beyond the 30 degree mark, and the sky is bluest blue, and all over the city girls are wearing sneaky little shorts and boys are a’lookin’. And girls are lookin’ right on back…

On that sly-eyed note, today is Guy Friday! Dedicated to three men in music whose style I’ve always found inspiring, Sir David Bowie, Mr Benjamin Andre and Mos Def. I’m a big fan of all of their music, but a lot of it has to do with their respectively individualistic style. Bowie is just a law unto himself, and Andre 3000 and Mos Def are both hat men – men that pull off a range of hats with suaveness and style. I like. And I also like their eclectic assemblages. Love them, in fact.

Sir David, if you please…

Mr Benjamin ‘Ice Cold’ Andre…

And last but not least, Mos Def, duke of cool, cooler and collected…


2 responses to “Guy Friday (ahem)

  1. HOT ‘n spicy!

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