Saffron Season

I blogged about the yellow trend that has tinted this season saffron a while ago, but now that it is in full swing, I thought I’d revisit it.

Yellow, in my life, is an underrated and underused colour. I don’t own a single item of yellow clothing. Rifle through moss greens, blackest blacks, lush creams and midnight blues, but you’d be hard-pressed to find something in a shade of canary or buttercup. But I do have a buttery yellow Art Deco nesting table, a round-edged, boomerang-shaped beauty that is one part of a trio I bought out of the back of someone’s car. And it formed the perfect canvas when I trawled my house in search of all things mellow yellow. The hunt turned up some interesting specimens, including an Alessi-esque citrus squeezer, an ancient smiley pin and the back page of Alex Garland’s famous novel, The Beach.

I styled the selection with yellow gold accents – my brand spanking new Gold Digger nail varnish, my gilded piggy bank and some of my favourite yellow gold jewels, including a vintage chain mail belt that is part-disco, part-Medusa. Yellow gold, just like yellow, is underrated, in my opinion. Many people think that it is either kitsch, cheap-looking or doesn’t suit their skintone. I’m not sure about that, but I love the Midas touch. Some of my most precious jewellery is gold, and for years I refused to wear anything silver. I find it most fitting that yellow and gold go so well together.

This season, though, yellow is canary cool alongside other brights – bold reds, cerulean blues and contrasting blacks. Wear it as an eye-catching splash, or if you dare, go all-out citrine. The covers of both the Elle and the Elle Decoration this month feature flashes of the season’s favourite colour, so if you don’t see yourself wearing it, then opt for some sunshine in your living space.


3 responses to “Saffron Season

  1. Westwood shoes! LOVE!

  2. Your little shootjie, just LOVE! Makes me think of Wallpaper. Your picture tells a great story 🙂

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