Hot under the collar

I had decided that this weekend would be a productive and fruitful one – I would refrain from indulging in my customary three-too-many vodka tonics, thus bypassing the obligatory couch-marooned hangover anxiety, and go to all the little places that have been blooming in the belly of the city. I would, furthermore, venture to Fabric City and undertake a rewarding and experimental fashion-orientated project. In reality, though, I only succeeded in short circuiting my immoderation to a different time and place (another story entirely) and found myself devoid of coffee/madcap project companions: The Only Living Girl in Cape Town (Simon and Garfunkel fans unite). Every one of my friends had been lured into the wilderness for Vortex. I changed my Facebook status to ‘Vortex Shmortex’ and set off solo, my secret project glimmering in my mind.

My secret project was to source some materials from which to craft a collar of some sort – embellished, velvet, envy-inspiring – to be worn over Tshirts and dresses. You may have noticed that old-fashioned detachable collars have made a comeback, and I am just smitten. A while ago I blogged about Carven, the French fashion house that is being stewarded by ex-Givenchy genius, Guillaume Henry. Carven’s detachable Peter Pan collars are a favourite with the likes of Alexa and Emma Watson and I want one so, so, so badly.

So much so, that I thought I’d make my own one (project in progress, pictures to follow). Collars were also a big feature on the runway at Miu Miu S/S 2010. Other collars that have been making their presence felt include classic lace, doll-like numbers over velveteen frocks, tribalesque beaded collars and fully-sequinned shimmerers.

At Fabric City I spent some time in the velvet section, evaluating the lushness of the pile and the quality of the fabric. I chose a midnight blue, which I ambitiously decided would make a great Peter Pan collar. I added some over-sized silver bells, an offbeat and jangly little addition to the neckline, a rhinestone heart for luck, and a Mickey Mouse iron-on that I couldn’t resist (which will brighten the black, over-sized cropped T that will soon be mine, to be paired with my intergalactic Diane Von Furstenberg mini).

Please bear in mind that while my hand stitching is pretty good, my pattern-cutting is rudimentary to say the least. Never one to be deterred by cold, hard facts, I thought what I always think: I’ll Google it.

Project report back soon!



4 responses to “Hot under the collar

  1. love the collars.simply sexy,very cute.cant wait to see your creation

  2. This is great. All these collars are so beautiful. Doing some research on collars and stumbled onto your site. Great name btw. Will visit again 🙂

  3. they’re beautiful 🙂 self made ones are always the best !! i’ve made a few of my own check them out at monamiekillarney/

  4. or you can also view them on 🙂 looking forward to also seeing your collars x

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