Deadline Love

This week I am flexing my rusty English major academia & putting my incisive fashion eye to good use writing an article for an international fashion magazine. I approached a selection of South African designers that form part of what I consider to be the holy grail of local fashion, and with a week to get everything together, hoped like hell that I could pull off a coffee-fuelled, university-era miracle of an article.

Now, the coffee has certainly gotten better, and there are no longer two-minute noodles cooling in a mug on the windowsill, but my ability to execute manically eloquent prose remains unchanged. Note: manically. I am so enjoying writing something real again, something that I love, something astute and inquiring.

This being my first piece of fashion journalistic writing, I plan to be quite surreptitious about the whole thing. When I have the hard copy in my hands and a smile on my face, I will share the details with you.

Until then, here’s a little hint.


2 responses to “Deadline Love

  1. Nice One Kate!!

    Congrats and good luck with the article!

  2. So proud of my Babushka, doll 🙂

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