This look…

… is way over.

I spotted a few people last weekend that seem to have missed the memo. Some things, like jeggings, Uggs, Skechers and ironic haircuts (in fact, ironic anything) have a shelf life. Take heed.

Lensless glasses? I understand the theory that they are just another accessory, but they are surely the most contrived accessory one can wear. If you want to wear normal spectacles, be my guest – optically challenged myself, I’m all for stylish eyewear and embracing cool frames over contacts. But these babies are way too affected for my tastes and they invariably look cheap ‘n nasty.

If you fell victim to the trend, then do yourself a favour and crush them with morbid delight beneath the heel of your winklepicker.

Do it now.


5 responses to “This look…

  1. JEGGINGS? Jeggings will NEVER be over 😉

  2. i went to a modeling agencies xmas party last night and there was an idiot who had them on and I said to my friend Emily “that is one thing i hate’! its so lame, just put freaking plastic in them no one will know if you really have to wear pointless glasses. so lame!

  3. winklepicker or winklepecker? love the quote either way!

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