Merrymakin’ at my place

Holiday time is hereth!

I ventured into the Waterfront earlier today and the merrymaking is in full swing – manic Christmas shoppers, fashion sights to keep you riveted and, of course, Boney M Christmas carols on repeat. My family is in agreement on this one – Christmas aint Christmas until Rivers of Babylon plays. And someone gets drunk and takes off their pants and then falls asleep on the couch in plain view of those assembled. Pure class.

I have to brave the malls again tomorrow in search of my own Christmas gifts, which is guaranteed to be an exercise in self-restraint, because whenever I go shopping for someone else, my path is invariably littered with things that I can’t live without. I spent approximately seven minutes in Exclusive Books today and found a Andrew Zuckerman music book, a Tin Tin hardcover and a Chanel keepsake that should all be mine. Eish. Wish me luck.

Until then, someone visual inspirasie – colour, charm, Coco Rocha.

Can’t go wrong, really.


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