The Summit

I concluded my Christmas shopping today after realising that mall-bought gifts would just not do. Three hours into my stint at the Waterfront yesterday I was wandering aimlessly and had lost sight of the task at hand – to choose meaningful, enduring gifts that will surprise and  delight my family (as Jan Brady as that may sound). I was also dangerously close to buying a monotone polka dot romper, which goes to show that you should never shop alone for extended periods of time; lack of hydration and an overwhelming influx of stimuli do nothing but cloud one’s judgement.

And so this morning I resurrectedy my search for gifts for my brother and mom – one, I found at the Biscuit Mill, courtesy of Chloe Essery’s Blackbird label and the other, I found at Haas in the Bo Kaap. They are obviously a secret, but I will post pictures of them in situ as soon as the mistletoe is down and the mincepies are in the belly.

The Biscuit Mill was a warm seething tide of bodies cruising from one stall to the next, but we did manage to secure Alibaba lamb schwarmas and Espresso Lab lattes, and then slipped into the cool shade of the design tent. Olivia fell for an interestingly cut pinny from Take Care, and then we moved on to what I consider to be the real show stopper of the design tent, Cindy Poole’s The Summit luxury gentlemen’s wear.

In the back left corner of the tent you’ll find her artfully, thoughtfully displayed leather goods – briefcases, pocketbooks, belts and ties, all too dapper for words and with an interesting, sartorial twist to each. With such a weakness for tailored men’s clothing myself, particularly anything tuxedo-esque, I had to be gingerly pried from the bow tie section, where a tan leather bow tie on a suspender strap (R700) had captured my heart. If I still have a reasonable sum of money post-holidays, then I am going to be calling it my own in January. Otherwise, we’re looking at a lean month.

But at least I’ll be the owner of a leather bowtie on a suspender strap.


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