Black & Gold

My posts thus far this holiday have been erratic, which is no wonder, considering I am spending my time languishing like a lizard in the sun, trawling through vintage and brewing over exciting Pessimiss-related plans for 2011 (more on that to come). I have thus decided to not be too much of a maniac about it, and to post when things arise that are both pertinent and inspiring. And vintage is always pertinent and inspiring, wouldn’tcha say?

I have had such luck in and around Knysna with my vintage hunt, with one or two places still on the list to pillage. Items so far include an interestingly cut white blouse featuring fabric epaulettes, a cinched waist, and a faint white-on-white alphabet pattern (fitting for a writer, in a dorky literary joke kind of a way). Also, a cream Chinese embroidered silk blouse in a state of glorious decay, fraying at the seams and with the slightest of tears in the shoulder. And a velvet brocade clutch; lush rose-coloured flourishes on threadbare black with a gold zip.

Whilst adding the little clutch to my collection I decided to have a snoop through the rest of my mom and my vintage purses. I’ve been meaning to do a post about black and gold as a colour combination for a while, because I find it so truly glamorous, always with a touch of ghetto. As it turns out, black and gold form quite a predominant theme in our collection, so I thought I’d put them all together in a little ‘moodboard’ (say it with an affected drawl, please).

The velvet ribbed ladylike one and the dainty golden girl are my favourites. They dangle from the wrist with such old world charm.

Report back soon on any other vintage beauties I come across…


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