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The Pessimiss published in Schon!

I’ve been nattering about this since late last year, and finally it has been published!

Schon! is a seriously stylish London-based magazine that is sold in almost 200 countries the world over, and this month I am in it! It’s my first feature, let alone my first feature in an international magazine, so I am pretty excited. To approach a magazine of this calibre and have my article published at first pass, nearly 100 % unedited… well, it’s an honour. Schon! is renowned for its edgy, often avant garde content, and is the mouthpiece and showcase for global online fashion network, Nineteen74.

I worked together with Johannesburg-based photographer Brett Rubin to produce the article throughout December and this is the result. The article, ‘The Lay of the Land’, attempts to illustrate the burgeoning potential and evolution of the local fashion industry through the work and opinions of four South African designers – Suzaan Heyns, David West, Stiaan Louw and Christopher Strong (duo Elaine du Plessis and Michael Owen).

I have blogged about it before, but there is a growing shift in focus from the traditional global centres of fashion towards the creative talent to be found in emerging markets; places like Brazil, Turkey and Scandinavia. My idea for the article was to suggest that the South African creative community is shaping up to become a contender in this reimagining of the fashion map. Already my article has sparked some debate, which I view as a positive thing. The article allowed me to write in a slightly more interrogative, academic tone and transported me back to my university days – late nights surrounded by pages aglow with highlighter, empty coffee mugs and lots of earnest typing (and backspacing). And I loved it.

I hope you like it, too. Schon! is available at ‘all good book stores’, which means you can get it at Exclusive Books or Wordsworth, where it retails for R250 (which makes me feel kinda shiny and smug, like I’m one step closer to the Vogue editorial team). Alternatively, you can read it online here. I have a few more Schon! tricks up my sleeve for later in the year, so keep an eye out.


Radio Rah-Rah

Just a little cherry-tinged taste of what The Rah-Rah Room lauch and sale day were like. Beautiful girls doing what beautiful girls do best – shopping, eating cupcakes, sipping pink champagne and talking (lots). Thank you to all who graced the Rah-Rah with their presence, dollars and smiles…

I met some lovely fellow vintage lovers and will be putting together a mailing list for those that are interested in upcoming Rah-Rah sales. If you’d like to be added to the list, email me at

Professional pics taken by David (the shy and handsome German photographer who tried his best to slink between the legions of fawning females inconspicuously) up soon.


The time has come!

Join me tomorrow for a Saturday morning browse through my collection of new and vintage one offs. Bring your BFF, your BF and your Bloody Mary to 1 Kenwood Court, Gardens, from 10 am til 1 pm to make sure your post payday purchase is a special one.


She got jumper cable lips.

The Rah-Rah Room has provided me with a visual outlet through which to reaffirm my devotion to that most sensual of symbols, the red red lip (more on that here).

Mad Mad Mad

Last week, when I started posting things about The Rah-Rah Room, I was approached by two very stylish girls, Kate Desmarais and Alix-Rose Cowie, to collaborate on a personal shoot that they wanted to do. With my first sale looming and the possibility of some of the more special pieces disappearing, we had three days to get everything together. And isn’t that how many great things happen?

That same evening I spread my collection all over the lounge – piles of silk, velvet and chiffon layered on couches, brown bags overflowing with chain mail bags and leather belts and printed scarves. Kate and Alix trawled through it all at high speed – their eyes bright, but also sharp (they chose some of my favourites, along with a few wildcards that they made work so well). They spent one day developing their story and ideas for shots, and then I met them in the Company Gardens on the windiest Saturday of the year for the shoot that produced this narrative of indulgence and allure amidst the roses.

I totally love it! Seeing some of my favourite things on model Ane Strydom, and seeing Kate and Alix’s ideas translated as such, has left me smiling. Kate styled the shoot, brushing out Ane’s auburn mane of hair while the wind worked against her, and Alix calmly art directed and photographed, her cool spectacles channelling focus and fancy through the lens.

I have taken to calling them The Voguettes, and I think the shoot is perfect testament as to why. I look forward to collaborating with these two talented girls again soon.

[Join me for more vintage beauty this Saturday at The Rah-Rah Room from 10 until 1 pm. Follow the link for details.]


Don’t forget to come browse at my humble abode this Saturday from 10:00 am til 1:00 pm. Bring your takeaway lattes and your post payday purses and we’ll have ourselves a little tea party! High street sweets, vintage darlings and lots more, all under one roof.

[How cool is the woman in this picture? I love her!]



If you put me in this skirt I would levitate. I swear.

More midweek stimulation, Australian-born designer Louise Markey launched her fashion house, LF Markey, in 2008 and has since garnered a reputation for her playful signature style.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Louise also has stint as a designer at Burberry under her belt, as well as a collaboration with digital dynamos, ASOS.

Her trademark style is minimalism mixed with bold colours and shapes; her glossy, voluminous skirts, an iconic example. They’re like an avant garde play on a doll’s dress or a Disney ballgown. Central Saint Martins, she says, was like a finishing school for designers, something that has had a marked influence on her focus on understated luxury and high-quality manufacturing.

When asked what kind of a woman she sees wearing her designs, Markey chose non-conformist queens, Tilda Swinton and Bjork.

And that just makes me like her a whole lot more.