Cacharel S/S 2011

Just while I’ve got you revelling in the shimmer and sherbetry of Cori’s S/S 2011 collection, I thought I’d add a little bit of the citrus magic that is Cacherel‘s own Spring/Summer fling.

Peachy blushes with an injection of acid citrons, pinky nudes to take off the edge, and butterfly inkblot beauty, just because.

And the eyewear! The sunglasses look like pastel ice lollies – good enough to lick.

*Some images taken from Style Bubble


5 responses to “Cacharel S/S 2011

  1. As I learnt in my new book today, Carcharel is the “clothing equivalent of a lover”. So true! Maybe I’m a sucker for pastels with a pop of fluro (oh look, how perfect), but this season is amazing.

  2. Owning Cacharel is like owning a perfect, preppy silk wearing love slave. Makes one feel so naughty, in cupcake frosting colours! French summer love’n flings….mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, oh la la!

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