Cori, corazon.

[Watch this video, now]

Revelling on the couch in our post-New Year bash fragility, my mother and I turned to FTV for upliftment, and were privileged to catch Brazilian label Cori’s S/S 2011 show.

It seldom happens that I swoon over each and every piece that slinks down the runway, but three models in and we were both wide-eyed and substantially perkier. The palette – sophisticated sorbets and sherbets tempered with corals and mints – refreshed our weary eyes. Watch the clip from start to finish and marvel at the sophisticated femininity of Cori’s clever pleating and ruffling. Some of my high points are:

a) The evolution of the skort, which they somehow transform from awkward schoolgirl staple into irresistible, offbeat eveningwear

b) The back of the one trench, whose classic flap rests on a bare back – so clever, so dramatic, so memorable.


c) The skirts – their skirts are just so interesting! So interesting, in fact, that I paused the video to try and figure out exactly what I was seeing; the most delicate, tantalizing hint of a ruffle beneath a hemline, and ‘is that a skirt or shorts?’ Effortless.

My research on Cori failed to turn up a website, but I did find out that the label has been around since the late 1950’s, with a major revamp in 2001 that was lead by another Brazilian breathtaker, Alexandre Herchcovitch, whose work I blogged about here. This little piece of information sits seamlessly with what I have seen from Cori so far – classics with a modern twist.

With Sao Paulo fashion week and a new generation of Brazilian designers blazing their way towards fashion fame, I look forward to seeing more of Cori’s style soon.


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