Guy Bourdin

I stumbled upon the fashion photography of the late Guy Bourdin on The Jealous Curator and it’s perfect – unconventional, provocative and sinister-sexy.

A protege of famous Parisian artist, Man Ray, Bourdin’s first job was shooting fashion for Vogue Paris, a working relationship that spanned three decades.

During this time he shot campaigns for high-end names like Chanel, Ungaro, Loewe and the late Gianni Versace. One of the most well-known fashion photographers of the 20th century, Bourdin’s style was known for its stylised, sensual narratives and dark undertone.

I find it’s stark, bright perversion to be most compelling. It taps into base, primal desires like a plug to electricity.



2 responses to “Guy Bourdin

  1. Intriguing artist. Reminds me a lot of the German fashion photographer, Helmut Newton. Love his work, and am smitten with his wife’s (Alice) photography too.

    • They were contemporaries! I also love Newton & his fetishisms… I’m going to do some research into Alice, thanks for sharing your wisdoms with me.


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