Girl Friday: Tali Lennox!

Meet my first Girl Friday for 2011:

17 year-old lithe-limbed Lolita, Tali Lennox. Tali is British rock royalty; daughter of she-power legend Annie Lennox and Israeli producer Uri Fruchtmann.

Recently snapped up by Next Model Management, Tali is a standout in the pool of Brit it-girls that are just coming of age – Amber Le Bon (daughter of Simon Le Bon of Duran  Duran), Coco Sumner (daughter of Sting) and Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Jerry and Mick). A 2009 shoot for Vogue UK was the catalyst that turned heads and illuminated Tali’s distinctive features and runway-ready frame.

Still at school, she has dreams of becoming a fashion designer, inklings of which are evident in her grunge-inspired style. Leather skirts, fetishy footwear, deconstructed tartan and gothic bodycons are her staples, supplemented with a blossoming of Birkin Boho and French fille.

You might think that fashion advice from a 17 year-old would be faddish, but her tip to ‘not follow trends and never wear anything that you’re not comfortable in’ is rather a measured one, and one that I personally subscribe to. Her style icons are Lolita, Erte and previous Girl Friday, Chloe Sevigny, all icons in their own right.

She also says that she can’t stand ‘hierarchies, ignorance and falsity’.

And she loves loud music. My kinda girl.

Tali is currently sharing a month’s worth of her daily fashion choices on Vogue’s Today I’m Wearing blog. Check it out here.


2 responses to “Girl Friday: Tali Lennox!

  1. sometimes it seems like you only need to be the daughter of a cool (british) musician to be the new ‘it girl’ or modelling sensation.

    • Yip. Add on the obligatory penchant for J.D. Salinger/American Beauty/Patti Smith/leather skirts & you’ve got yourself a surefire Girl that is It. She is rather beautiful, though.

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