My Top 5 Trends of 2010

I wouldn’t call myself trendy.

I prefer to mix vintage pieces and things that I consider classic with a healthy dose of the outlandish and a little nod to a trend of choice. The thing with trends is that by the time they hit our shores they’re already petering out in other parts of the world, and I have a bit of a problem with this phenomenon. I still like to keep an eye on what’s happening, and if I am fortunate enough to have worn something before it is in fashion, then even better (of course!)
In my opinion, a general rule to follow is this:
If it’s in Mr Price then it’s already mainstream.
Sorry. But that is their market, and I have an unfortunate, lifelong aversion to the notion of wearing something that someone else is, too.
With that said, I have made a little list of my favourite trends of 2010 – seen on the runway, around town, and eventually in the chain stores.
1. Chambray
A men’s staple for many years, chambray appeared in dresses, shoes, accessories, shorts and skirts. I’ve always loved chambray and have gotten great wear out of the ruched chambray dress I bought at Michiko last year. It conjures up satisfying undertones of lovelorn, blue eyed cowboys on men, and girl-next-door cool on women.

2. The Evolution of the Wayfarer, etc
After the Wayfarer mania of, oh, the last five years, I think we were all pleased to observe the emergence of a more rounded Ray Ban Wayfarer, amidst a sleek profusion of cat’s eyes and other interesting takes on the classic look – different rivets, materials and shapes. I want the Cacharel’s pictured above. Bad. Oh, and, PS: how exquisite is the girl wearing them?

3. The longer length skirt
The rising popularity of the longer length skirt looks set to be with us for a while. Flattering and feminine, it ranges from the full maxi to higher up the calf. I just secured two AMAZING (caps warranted) long vintage skirts and I’m most impatient for there to be a nice cool evening so that I can debut them with a pair of heels and a blouse.

4. The Stripe (Breton, et al)
Spurred on by popular films like Coco Avant Chanel and a renewed fascination with French film stars like Miss Bardot, the Breton stripe was the print of the year. Seen on fashion icons everywhere.

5. Bondage
A personal favourite of mine, bondage-inspired footwear (and clothing) was big in 2010. An extension of the fetish undertones of the gladiators that were popular a few years ago, shoe designers like Kirkwood and Louboutin pushed the bondage boundaries. Shoe-boots, boots, heels and sandals all got the S&M makeover. A rising tide of leather (courtesy of designers like the incredible Helmut Lang) on the catwalks punctuated the trend. L.O.V.E.

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