Big Red

Mulberry SS 2011.

I love the edgy contrast between these kooky wigs and the primness of the clothes in the latest Mulberry campaign.

Lindsay Wixson and Nimue Smit achieve the perfect balance of languor and lust in these manor house shots. The ladylike style of the clothes is offset with voluptuous detailing, a feature that is echoed in the menagerie of hydrangeas that surround them. They look like dishevelled country madams dressed up for the day, stay-at-home sufragettes with hidden agendas.

My favourite, though, is their positively prism-like hairdo’s! I love Mulberry’s commitment to flame-haired beauty, in their campaigns and on the catwalk.

It reminds me of another rouge-lover, Jack White of The White Stripes. Jack’s famous penchant for the red rears its fiery head in lots of his lyrics – its almost like he believes that redheads are possessed of a special power. I’m sure his cinnamon-haired wife, model Karen Elson, would agree.

Icky Thump, just for the reds.


2 responses to “Big Red

  1. i love the Mulberry Ads, i was going to send it to you last week when i saw it….did I??

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