‘Green is my new black’

Anna Dello Russo declared this earlier this week, just in time for a seasonal blooming of green all over the catwalk, from Michael Kors, to Stella McCartney and Miu Miu. If ADR is going green, then you know its a sure thing.
Green is actually my favourite colour, both for its restorative, rejuvenating qualities, and the fact that it always says something about the person that chooses to wear it. This season’s green is a fetching shade of forest that reminds me of lush, shaded forest floors and glossy birds feathers. And also of French artist Henri Rousseau‘s famous last painting, La Reve (The Dream), in which a a nude woman reclines in a lush jungle.
I am spending this weekend in a designer Airstream trailer at the Old Mac Daddy, and the trailer we are staying in is The Dream trailer – painted to resemble a perfect replica of the original painting! Check it out here.
I chose the trailer month’s ago, thinking that being surrounded by the lush greenness would keep me cool in the January heat.
A different way to ease myself into ADR’s green frame of mind.


One response to “‘Green is my new black’

  1. I just love that shade of forest green… and how lucky are you staying in the Dream trailer!

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