Birds of a feather

My BFF, Katy, is my best source of all things cool in the way of blogs. She sends me great links weekly, and more often than not, they end up on The Pessimiss. Today is a case in point. My favourite so far is the link she sent this morning, along with the following message:
The very first story on this blog is about a girl called Kate, and it reminds me of you… a girl called Kate.

So sweet. And I absolutely LOVE the post she linked me to on fashion consultant Natalie Joos‘s blog, Tales of Endearment.

Kate Schelter was the original street style photographer for Vogue, before the Scott Schumans and Tommy Tons of this world took to the streets with vigour and vim. Joos’ description of Kate’s trademark ruby lips, infectious giggle and long long legs gives me such a good picture of what a great street style hunter she must have been.

But the best thing is her love of vintage, and the lengths she goes to to expand her clearly impressive collection of vintage Ungaro, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent:

“I just can’t store it all and sometimes I want the pieces to go to “good homes” if I’m not wearing them. Vintage is like boomerang karma: what goes out, must come back.”

Nice to know that there are other vintage vamps/maniacs out there.

I also just adore her bold, bright style and the way she mixes vintage and contemporary to create her own glam, chameleon style. The leopard coat is awe-inspiring.
Read the full post and check out Kate’s lovely apartment here.



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