Elin Kling <3 H&M

Swedish fashion blogger Elin Kling is the first blogger ever to collaborate on a line with H&M. With collaborators like Lanvin and Jimmy Choo to rub shoulders with, it’s nothing short of an honour!

A year in the making, Elin’s collection consists of 9 main pieces and 2 accessories, all designed with Mies Van Der Rohe’s famous ‘less is more’ maxim in mind.

The result is a light, minimalist capsule collection with boho undertones (the printed maxi dress is a beauteous example).




5 responses to “Elin Kling <3 H&M

  1. The belt is killer, a trendy treat all must have! Insanity!

  2. Did you see the white leather shorts????
    they were sensational…(i’m trying to think of another adjective to use instead of amazing because i use it all the time)

  3. Totally jealous. But that being said, I really do like what she has designed so far especially that asymmetrical maxi print dress. I mean how many trends is that??!

    I’m really beginning to wish that there was a H&M in Sydney. Bar that I wish I was living in a part of the world where H&M exists :/

    • You and me both. But you do have Sass & Bide! Which we only get at great expense and in small doses. We need a trip to Londontown! x

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