The Pre-Fall 2011 collections are awash with colour – citrus hues, acid brights, crayola-cool, sherbet-dipped, primary-primed, Russian red.

Too much to take in!

It reminds me of the time Shalom Harlow spun, like a doll on a rotating platform, as robotic arms flung and looped paint onto the canvas of the white tutu dress she had on.

An iconic McQueen moment, Spring Summer 1999, and a tribute to the energy of colour.


2 responses to “PaintBall

  1. RIP McQueen :/

    I really like that 3.1 Phillip Lim look. The subtle variation of colour/fabric between the top and the bottom makes it so… well, so cool. (I need better adjectives). I think it’s really a test to his character that something like that, which would normally be a fashion faux pas, can be made to look like as though it should be trendy.

    Nice collection 🙂

    • You’re right, that slight clash is so utterly fetching. I also just love the Oscar de la Renta colour palette – the colours are so exquisite, it’s almost as if they shouldn’t be visible to the human eye. They’ve got that slight, incandescent offness – like a butterfly wing.

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