The Rah-Rah Room

I am excited as can be to present my new project, The Rah-Rah Room. Months in the making, The Rah-Rah Room is an opportunity for me to combine my love of fashion, with my vintage addiction and my eye for all things sparkly and unusual.

In December I wrote a post about Teresa Dalton and Tammy Walker, the blonde-haired vixens behind Knysna’s best-kept shopping secret, The Spice Studio and Joburg’s Dollhouse. A couple of champagne-tinted chats later, and I am proud to be bringing some of their spice to Cape Town.

In addition, I will be stocking a select range of authentic vintage pieces, collected lovingly over time and sourced from another vintage mistress, Najette (previously of The Boudoir, Knysna). Milliner and stylist Crystal Birch will also be adding some of her madcap magic to The Rah-Rah Room.

From Saturday the 29th of January I will be running the Rah-Rah Room from my little lounge in Gardens. The Rah-Rah Room will be open once a month (post payday!) and by appointment. Those of you that prefer to browse alone (or get your paws on the goods before the others have a chance) are welcome to contact me directly for private shopping. New stock will be arriving all the time, so keep in touch.

Please join me for my opening sale on Saturday the 29th – see poster above for directions and contact details.

Keep an eye out over the course of this week and the next for sneak peeks at some of the pieces currently gracing my apartment with their presence. A few were so compelling that I had to absorb them into my own wardrobe. I’m cataloguing them under ‘marketing’. This means I have months of self-restraint to look forward to, and Lord knows moderation aint my strong suit. Save me from myself and come browse at the Rah-Rah Room!

* All Rah-Rah Room design by the lovely Gisela Badenhorst


10 responses to “The Rah-Rah Room

  1. I really wish I lived in South Africa right now … No chance for an online shop? Haha what a demanding person I am.

    Good luck with it 🙂

  2. YES YES online shop!!!

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