The Rah-Rah Room: Sneak Peek

The first in a series of sneak peeks leading up to my opening sale at The Rah-Rah Room.

[Please let it be known that I am officially on the lookout for a lithe, pretty girl to model these clothes for my photos, because I feel like a total dork doing it myself. If you’re a size 34 and are harbouring yet-to-be-realised dreams of being a model of some sort, email me at]

Now on to the peek part!

1. White Zara skirt with pockets and side zip.

I could happily call this my own – see how well it fits me?! But I won’t. I will be disciplined… and selfless. I love pockets on a skirt or a dress because they lend a casual feel and allow you to stash things when you don’t want to carry a bag.

2. Structured vintage alligator bag

The perfect side sling bag for both day and night. Goes with everything, and has already got visitors to my house sighing with envy.

3. Vintage paint splash frock

I definitely need to come up with a cooler name for this dress – Pollock does Summer? Watercolours on Acid? Either way, the print is great and the cut is elegant and feminine.

4. Psychedelic peacock scarf

I’m in love with this expansive beauty. Perfect as a lightweight Summer or Spring drape, but large enough to actually keep you warm if it gets chillier. I will be jealous of the person that takes this home.

5. Dainty vintage darling bag

Words can’t express.

6. White vintage chainmail bag

Chainmail bags always add a certain retro elegance to an outfit. The Rah-Rah Room is in possession of a few lovelies of this variety, so if you haven’t experienced the cool allure of the slinky chainmail, then now is your chance.


6 responses to “The Rah-Rah Room: Sneak Peek

  1. amazing! Dainty vintage darling bag! i die!

  2. i cant cant wait!

  3. I DIE for the Pollack meets summer dress!!! i want!! how much? will it fit me?

    • Already booked! 😦 Sorry honeykat. It would’ve fitted you perfectly, but I will be on the look out for another Katy classic, an even better one.


  4. jessica joy schipper

    what spots have you got left my sweetie? very very keen to come pop by xxx

    • Hey sweet, didn’t realise you were in CT, would so have sent you your own lil’ invite! Please come, will sms you details. x

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