Mad Mad Mad

Last week, when I started posting things about The Rah-Rah Room, I was approached by two very stylish girls, Kate Desmarais and Alix-Rose Cowie, to collaborate on a personal shoot that they wanted to do. With my first sale looming and the possibility of some of the more special pieces disappearing, we had three days to get everything together. And isn’t that how many great things happen?

That same evening I spread my collection all over the lounge – piles of silk, velvet and chiffon layered on couches, brown bags overflowing with chain mail bags and leather belts and printed scarves. Kate and Alix trawled through it all at high speed – their eyes bright, but also sharp (they chose some of my favourites, along with a few wildcards that they made work so well). They spent one day developing their story and ideas for shots, and then I met them in the Company Gardens on the windiest Saturday of the year for the shoot that produced this narrative of indulgence and allure amidst the roses.

I totally love it! Seeing some of my favourite things on model Ane Strydom, and seeing Kate and Alix’s ideas translated as such, has left me smiling. Kate styled the shoot, brushing out Ane’s auburn mane of hair while the wind worked against her, and Alix calmly art directed and photographed, her cool spectacles channelling focus and fancy through the lens.

I have taken to calling them The Voguettes, and I think the shoot is perfect testament as to why. I look forward to collaborating with these two talented girls again soon.

[Join me for more vintage beauty this Saturday at The Rah-Rah Room from 10 until 1 pm. Follow the link for details.]


7 responses to “Mad Mad Mad

  1. Cheers on the collaboration, and amazing fashion story pictorials.

  2. nicely done, ladies! especially love the dark green images.

  3. This is great! I love that first photo with the shock blue fairy floss. Amazing.

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  5. I’m so proud of you Kate!! Much mad love xxx

  6. Elizabeth Strydom


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