Ooh Rah-Rah!

There are still some beauties that are looking for homes left over from my first successful sale. I have girls here and there popping in to have a look – if you’d like to join, email me at pessimiss@gmail.com. Otherwise I will be having a proper sale evening at the end of this month.

A stash of new goods is currently on their way to me from India, so I will keep you posted on the things you might want to dip into your rainy day savings for.

In the meantime, here are a few highlights to tempt you:

1. Zara checkered blazer

Perfect with jeans, a Tshirt and a pair of heels, the fabric is soft and wearable, which means it’s much more comfortable than your average, stiff blazer. And it adds a bit of grunge edge, too.

2. Tie dye frock

This is actually a tunic, because it’s rather short, but someone small could definitely get away with it as a dress. The colours are right on trend for this season’s obsession with brights, with a nod to the lemon lust we’ve seen so much of on the catwalks and in interiors.

3. 80’s inspired floral bodysuit

The colours play directly into the new fluoro trend, and a bodysuit is a welcome alternative to a tank top, in my opinion.

4. Vintage retro print shift dress

This is a real find – perfect condition, with glorious black piping at the neck and sleeve, it reminds me of something Julianne Moore might have worn off-duty in A Single Man. Groovy, but ladylike.

5. Vintage monochrome striped dress

An Italian label, I think this dress is just so elegant and it has a Twiggy-esque Mod feel to it. Imagine it paired with a pair of oversized 60’s frames and a pair of clunky platforms, or with ankle boots for an indie twist.

6. Vintage cream Marilyn frock

Light as a feather, slightly diaphanous and with a glorious cowl neck, this dress has an entirely lace back. A Marilyn-ready showstopper.


One response to “Ooh Rah-Rah!

  1. The Marilyn Monroe style dress, how much is it & do you ship to England? Thanks 🙂

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